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What our clients say

Referrals from happy clients as well as those from tenants and buyers are incredibly important as '90% of consumers trust recommendations from others' so here are some examples of the kind words said about us.

"You have been by far the best estate agent I have ever dealt with, and it was a pleasure to work with you. "
Ms B
"Thank you for being such a joy to deal with, it really was a genuine pleasure working with you and the team at EH, certainly the best experience I have ever had dealing with an agent. "
Mrs O.
"We really appreciate all of the work you have done with us over the last 8 years or so. We have always felt that our property was in good hands whilst it was let out and are very glad that we were able to work together on the sale too.
"Eden Harper recently sold my house near Streatham Hill.
They got the best price possible in the circumstances after another local agent proved to be quite incompetent, about 3 viewings in two and a half months. Richard organised about 10-13 viewings in the first ten days and we had a buyer. He and his team dealt with the whole process and were extremely efficient, competent and courteous. They were a pleasure to have as agents. I had the feeling that they went that extra mile to make the sale go through as smoothly as possible. A great team, I can't recommend them highly enough; just wish I'd gone to them in the first place."
Mr N. T.
"Thanks so much for all your help and support and services over the last 2 years. You have all always been a pleasure to deal with and if I rent out again, I will be back!"
Ms K
"Thank you Richard. And thanks for all your hard work to get it to this point! You and the team did an excellent job throughout.

All the best,

Mr P
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