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Brixton Local Schools

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Brixton has an enviable number of schools judged to be good and outstanding by Ofsted inspectors. The Evening Standard has reported that Sudbourne Primary School in Hayter Road is so popular that there are rumours of families just outside the catchment area renting flats near the school while they apply for a place and then moving back to their main home.


Other outstanding primary schools in the Brixton area include Jessop in Lowden Road and prior to its conversion to academy status Corpus Christi RC in Trent Road. Ofsted says most other primary schools in Brixton are good.


When it comes to secondary education, the Evelyn Grace Academy in Shakespeare Road is noted for its Zaha Hadid-designed building that won the prestigious Stirling Prize. 


Ofsted says Evelyn Grace Academy is a good school, while nearby comprehensive schools are judged to be outstanding include Platanos College in Stockwell, The Charter School in Herne Hill and Sacred Heart RC in Camberwell. 


Primary Schools in Brixton 

Below is a list of primary schools in walking distance of Windrush Square in Brixton. 


Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

Since converting to an academy, Ofsted has yet to carry out a full inspection of this school. However, the school says: “Our whole school community, children, parents, staff and governors are justifiably very proud of our school and its successes. These successes are evident both in the academic standards achieved and in the excellent curriculum on offer to the children. We aim to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment in which each child can thrive and develop their own interests and talents.” 


Hill Mead Primary School 

Ofsted summary 

The headteacher’s exceptional leadership has been key to the school’s progress. His dedication to raising pupils’ self-esteem and aspirations is summed up in the comment of one pupil: “Our headteacher really cares about us and would do everything he can for us.” The headteacher’s often innovative approach is being increasingly recognised within the local authority, which is calling on him to help guide other schools in challenging circumstances.” 


St John’s Angell Town Church of England Primary School 

Ofsted summary 

Teaching is good overall and some teaching is outstanding. It consistently motivates pupils to want to do well. As one pupil said: “Everything is good, teachers really help you.” Teachers know what their pupils have already achieved and build very well on this. On rare occasions the pace of lessons slows and pupils are not given enough time to explore ideas for themselves, particularly the more-able pupils. 


St Helen’s Catholic Primary School 

Ofsted summary 

Pupils from a wide range of different backgrounds, and those who speak English as an additional language, make good progress. This is because the school identifies their needs early and provides effective support. The headteacher has significantly improved the consistency of teaching. As a result, pupils’ achievement is now solidly good throughout the school. 


Jessop Primary School 

Ofsted summary 

This is an outstanding school. Achievement is outstanding because the motivational leadership of the headteacher and senior leaders and managers has secured outstanding teaching. Parents and carers highly value the progress that their children are making. Pupils enjoy lessons and make outstanding progress because they are inspired by the interesting variety of activities offered to them. 


Loughborough Primary School 

Ofsted summary 

The achievement of pupils from minority ethnic groups is similar to that of other pupils. Those who speak English as an additional language also make good progress because the school identifies their language needs early on and provides good support. The school is also active in working with parents and carers, and organising activities to encourage them into school. The children’s centre on the school site provides a useful venue for parent workshops.


Stockwell Primary School 

Ofsted summary 

A priority for the executive headteacher on appointment was to eradicate weak teaching and underachievement. She did not shy from hard decisions and set clear expectations both for staff and pupils. In 2014 the standards reached by Year 1 pupils rose above the national average. Leaders also rightly prioritised providing additional staff and support in order to plug the gaps in pupils’ learning. Pupils from all groups made good progress.  


Sudbourne Primary School 

Ofsted summary 

Standards reached by the pupils by the time they leave school in Year 6 are consistently well above average. Pupils make excellent progress, not only in English, mathematics and science but also in other subjects such as music, art, drama and information and communication technology (ICT). All pupils, including those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities and those with English as an additional language, make rapid progress in Key Stage 1 and this provides them with a very secure foundation for success in Key Stage 2. 


Excel Preparatory School 

Ofsted summary 

The school currently provides full-time education for six pupils aged between four and a half and nine and a half years old… The school’s aim is “to create a happy environment which fosters cheerful, motivated and interested children who have not only confidence in their own abilities but also a considerate awareness of their peers”. 


Secondary Schools in Brixton 

Below is a list of secondary schools in walking distance of Windrush Square in Brixton.  


Evelyn Grace Academy 

Ofsted summary 

The Principal has ensured that good relationships have been developed between students and teachers. This is why behaviour and students’ attitudes to learning have improved significantly. Since the last inspection, the Principal and academy leaders have ensured that significant improvements in the quality of teaching and students’ achievement have been made. 


The Michael Tippett School 

Ofsted summary 

The Michael Tippett School caters for students with a range of disabilities and special educational needs. Students make good progress in lessons because of the excellent focus teachers put on linking the activities to the known ability levels of each student. Often students build up their skills in small steps in a sequence of lessons. This was seen in English where students with severe learning difficulties were beginning to understand the basis of a story. 


Lansdowne School 

Ofsted summary 

Students join the school with much lower levels of attainment than those of most other students of similar age, due to their special educational needs. The majority of students make good progress in both English and mathematics. The proportion of students making the expected rate of progress in these subjects is double that made by students of similar ability nationally.  


Trinity Academy 

This school opened in 2014 and has not yet received an Ofsted inspection. However, its mission statement reads: “Trinity Academy is committed to making a significant contribution to developing educational excellence by being in the vanguard of rigorous and innovative teaching and learning practice; by attending scrupulously to the spiritual, moral, social, intellectual and physical development of every pupil; and by creating an inclusive, safe environment in which pupils grow into independent, self-confident young adults ready to contribute to society and continue along their individual paths of learning. 


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