Digital conveyancing plans for Land Registry approved

News at Eden Harper | 07/02/2018

Plans to digitise some of the services HM Land Registry offers to its customers will start to be rolled out this year as it looks to simplify the registration and conveyancing process. 

The plans will see the Land Registration Rules 2003 amended, in-keeping with Land Registry's aims for modernisation. 

A consultation was held early in 2017, giving interested parties the opportunity to respond to Land Registry's plans. 

Graham Farrant, Chief Executive and Chief Land Registrar, said: "These changes are an important enabler for our digital transformation and I want to thank our customers for their positive responses to the consultation."

The changes will be brought in on 6th April 2018, giving customers access to digital conveyancing documents, and thereby speeding up the application process. 

There is also a need to boost security against cyber-crime, and the Land Registry is taking steps to ensure their digital services are fully secure. 

If you're planning on buying or selling a home in Brixton or Battersea later this year, you can benefit from the new digital services Land Registry will be offering to its customers. 

You can find out more about these new digital services by clicking the link below: