Eden Harper… where the show must go on!

News at Eden Harper | 06/10/2020

At the very heart of showbiz, lies the phrase, "the show must go on!" And here at Eden Harper we very much applaud that defiance to put on a show amidst testing and trying circumstances. We’ve done something similar in adapting and reshaping our business to help our clients through the pandemic. So, that is why we are happy to doff our caps to the good people at the Battersea Arts Centre (just a critic's hurrah from our Battersea office), who are back in business later this month.

Yes, October brings patrons some much-needed entertainment to lift the mood during the continuing, seemingly ceaseless – though ultimately necessary -- restrictions. And it can all be done from the comfort of your own home!

The Battersea Arts Centre tells us they have launched a new digital season of work to run across the autumn: "Come together with friends online for nights of uplifting music and comedy. Streamed live to your home, from our beautiful Grand Hall."

Artistic director and CEO Tarek Iskander explains: "At this moment of worldwide crisis we all need to step up and do our bit. For BAC, we're focusing on continuing to make artistic work in this time in whatever ways we can. Our response to the pandemic is to keep empowering artists, young people and communities to be creative in this moment of incredible hardship. Together they can help us envision a better future.

"This season is also about radiating some LOVE into the world. We must push forward together and use our collective artistic creativity to reimagine our communities in ways that support all of us, not just some, to thrive. And it's the essential, playful, messy, mischievous kinds of interactions that you'll find in this season…I believe these are the best ways for us to establish a more just future for everyone."

We applaud all the work being developed at the Battersea Arts Centre as well as the spirit that says, as we mentioned at the top of this piece: the show must go on!

Here at Eden Harper, we feel exactly the same!