Limited companies borrow more than individual landlords

News at Eden Harper | 12/07/2017

The majority of buy-to-let lending went to 'company landlords' for the first time in the second quarter of this year.   

Buy-to-let lending tends to be concentrated around individual landlords, but according to data from Mortgages for Business, limited companies accounted for 51% of lending in Q2. 

73% of purchases can be attributed to limited companies in the second quarter of 2017. Meanwhile, buy-to-let purchase applications from limited companies made up 77% in quarter one and 78% in quarter two of this year.   
Mortgages for Business spokesmen Steve Olejnik said that landlords are turning to limited company structures due to "the benefits they bring in the form of tax efficiencies and softer affordability testing."
However, he also said that "structures are not without their hurdles...and we recommend all our clients take professional tax advice before deciding how to proceed".  
We advise all buy-to-let landlords in Battersea and Brixton to seek the best advice before deciding whether or not to move into a limited company.  
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