Meet Elizabeth – Our superstar negotiator based in Brixton

News at Eden Harper | 29/10/2013

Great colleagues

One thing I like about my job is working with wonderful people - I’m very lucky. Ajaye has lots of experience and I learn a lot from him. He is also the most cheerful person I know. Thomas is an excellent negotiator with a terrific sense of humour - he always makes us laugh.

I love Brixton!

Working at Eden Harper is fantastic as I’m very passionate about the area. I love living here, the atmosphere and the locals are really friendly. Luckily, I live in the same road as my office, which is useful as I get to work super quickly in the mornings! Brixton is full of hidden gems - for example, there’s a development on Brixton Hill where apparently Marilyn Monroe used to swim in the fifties. This area is full of surprises and having the local knowledge is very important if you want to be a successful estate agent. What’s brilliant about Brixton is that there’s something new and interesting hiding around every corner.

Honesty is the best policy

Estate agents don’t always have the best of reputations! For this reason Eden Harper stands out among its competitors - as we are very honest with our clients. We don’t waste people’s time, we are straightforward about the pros and cons of particular properties, although obviously we do focus on the good points.  Clients tell us time and time again that they like us as we’re very “normal” and down-to-earth in our approach. Our website is up-to-date and since we don’t use photoshop, all the pictures we use in advertising tell the real story not a fake one!

Go that little bit further...

What clients really appreciate is when you show them you care and give them a little bit more than they expect. I recently did a viewing at 10pm as this was the only time my potential buyers were available. Once, I even abandoned getting ready for my birthday party on New Year’s Eve (and every girl would know how important that is) and spent two hours with an engineer fixing a leaking boiler while tenants were away.


Being friendly is one of the keys to success. I live, work and socialise in Brixton. I often meet clients in Brixton pubs and if I were grumpy and bad at my job, they would most certainly tell me off. I did have a snow fight in the middle of the night on Kellett Road which was fun! Unlike other agents, my priority is to find the right tenant rather than going with the first offer - this builds a lot of trust in my relationships.

Fun times

Although we’re serious about providing amazing service we do also enjoy a giggle. Racing other estate agents down Brixton Hill is something we’ve been known to partake in - I’m thinking of organising a special Grand Prix for all the agents in the area and I’m so going to win!

My proudest moment

It’s quite simple really. Ten years ago if people had told me I’d have been driving a new mini convertible around South London, showing people around stunning properties, I wouldn’t have believed them. Well, it’s true, I’m doing precisely that and it’s great!

My motto

“Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.” Whoever said that was bang on the money...

For more information about sales and rentals, you can call Elizabeth on 0203 514 5767.