Which political cat do YOU want to be Purr Minister?

News at Eden Harper | 19/01/2015

Cat-owning MP's have teamed up with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and put their political pussycats up as prospective 'Purr Minister' aspirants.

Their pets will launch their own 'Manifurstos' on why they should be the pussy to head government.

Here are a few of the candidates:

Billy, companion to Annette Brooke OBE MP:

"Billy is the name

A rescue cat with a mission

To make life purr-fect

Through my paw-licies

Edu-CAT-ion for all

Rewards and good food

Safe and warm homes  

Equality and rights

A Manifursto for love and care."

Archie, who belongs to Stephen Hammond MP:

“I was born in Portugal and abandoned in a cardboard box. I made a lot of noise until I was noticed. Six weeks, a pet passport and lots of jabs later I arrived in Wimbledon. How's that for freedom of movement in the EU! I am now a city slicker with a coterie of fawning admirers. Most mornings, breakfast is followed by a quick stroll around my new estate. Like so many locals I hope to start tennis lessons soon.  Lunch, sleep, supper, tummy tickling, sleep - some say it's a dog's life but we felines know better.  I expect that my good looks will be needed to secure an election victory and then I'll really let them know who is in charge!”

Mango - owner of Simon Kirby MP (or is it the other way round...)

“When I’m not being talked about in the ‘Houses of Parliament’, I spend my days eating, sleeping and developing feline policies. I’m a born leader, and would really get my claws into the job. I cat-egorically believe I’m the purr-fect choice for Purr Minister. I’m “feline” confident I can win.”

To see the rest of the candidates and to vote - make sure it's before 12pm on Monday 26 January - click on the link below:

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Purr Minister 2015

And for more information click below:  

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